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Chemical: Technology to lead

Embrace one of the world’s most advanced measurement technologies to boost your plant safety and performance

To truly understand what is happening in your chemical process so that you can optimize it, you need fast, reliable, and accurate measurement of key process variables. At the same time, you must maintain a safe workplace with minimal impact on the environment. Leveraging Kaiser Raman technology is the most effective way to achieve all of these objectives at your site.

Real-time measurement of your process chemistry

Kaiser Raman online process analyzers make safety-critical measurements in real-time, eliminating the need for manual handling of potentially toxic or hazardous chemicals.

Kaiser Raman embedded analyzers with Raman RunTime software embrace IIoT concepts by providing remote, digital access to your spectroscopic data, measurements, and diagnostics whenever and wherever you need it.

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decades and counting of industrial Raman spectroscopy expertise

From the very beginning, Kaiser has led the evolution of Raman technology from a research-based tool used in academia, to the rugged and reliable laboratory and process analyzers we use in industry today.

Technology to lead

Information is power, and our technology equips you with reliable and accurate data – guaranteed – to optimize your plant performance.

Monitor reaction kinetics for better control

Safety built-in

Safety in the workplace is everyone’s number one priority. Our online Kaiser Raman analyzer technology enables 24/7 unattended monitoring of your process, giving you the real-time knowledge you need to control your process safely while eliminating employee exposure to toxic or hazardous materials.

Measure dangerous chemical compounds

Reliability by design

You can count on the robust, reliable design of Kaiser Raman hardware to require minimal maintenance so you can maximize your plant’s operational efficiency, while minimizing off-spec product, energy consumption, and giveaway.

Fiber optic cable design with laser interlock

Product Highlights

Kaiser Raman Rxn2 with four probes

Kaiser Raman Rxn2 embedded analyzer

Laboratory or pilot plant measurement of chemical properties for research, routine laboratory measurements, and reaction.

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Pilot-E Probe

Kaiser Raman Pilot-E probe

Rugged optical probe that can be inserted directly into the process for laser-based measurement with no sample handling system.

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Kaiser Raman Rxn4 analyzer with enclosure

Kaiser Raman Rxn4 embedded analyzer with enclosure

Fully enclosed and suitable for hazardous environments, it can be installed directly into the plant without the need for an in-house analyzer.

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