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Food & Beverage: Trust in Quality

We help you greatly improve quality while reducing operational costs

To truly understand what is happening in your process so that you can optimize it, you need fast, reliable, and accurate measurement of key process variables. At the same time, the technology must comply with strict quality standards, and scale from development to the production plant. Leveraging Kaiser Raman technology is the most effective way to achieve all of these objectives at your site. Trust Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. to be the partner who brings a strong portfolio of lab-to-process analysis solutions and decades of experience to help you achieve your business goals.

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Consistent product quality

Even small variations in ingredients may introduce unwanted changes to taste, texture, or flavor. Assure a consistent product quality, even when there is variability in the raw material composition.

Quickly know salmon taste, color, texture with one measurement

Replace costly laboratory iodine value measurements

Quality in innovation

From protein hydrolysates to the newest consumer trend, automated analysis helps quickly launch high-quality innovative products. Lab-to-process composition measurements can be accomplished inline within minutes, greatly reducing the time and effort needed of a lab measurement.

Successfully transfer laboratory measurements to plant environment

Success story: Control of enzymatic hydrolysis process

Assuring quality in plant-based proteins

Ensure process quality

Inline composition measurements give 24/7/365 assurance that the process is making product according to specification. When product deviates from spec, automated alerts enable real-time corrections to avoid product waste.

Real-time monitoring and control of industrial fermentations

Monitor dairy solid products blending with no sample prep

Product Highlights

Kaiser Raman Rxn2 Analyzer view from front left corner

Kaiser Raman Rxn2

Raman analyzer bridging laboratory analysis to the process environment

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Kaiser RamanRxn Probe front left view

RamanRxn probe

Laboratory probe compatible with immersion, bioprocess, and non-contact optics

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Kaiser Raman PhAT Probe front lens view

PhAT probe

Robust probe for solids and semi-solids measurement

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