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Life Sciences: Focus on quality and optimization

We help you improve product quality with in-process composition analysis

To truly understand what is happening in your life sciences process so that you can optimize it, you need fast, reliable, and accurate measurement of key process variables. At the same time, the technology must comply with strict quality standards, and scale from development to cGMP. Leveraging Kaiser Raman technology is the most effective way to achieve all of these objectives at your site.

Your proven solution for embracing Pharma 4.0

Our embedded analyzers are uniquely suited for QbD, PAT, and digital transformation initiatives. Monitoring your operation with Kaiser Raman gives you a vision into your process whenever and wherever you need it. Pharma and biopharma innovators are embracing Kaiser Raman as the leading big data source for advanced process analysis and control.

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years of lab-to-process Raman leadership, expertise, and innovation

As a trusted partner in Raman for over 30 years, Kaiser has a long history in GMP with many proven successes. Our customers trust that we offer the most reliable and extensive Raman product portfolio, channels of support, and value-added services on the market.

Process efficiency and optimization

Kaiser Raman helps you efficiently and consistently deliver higher yield and improved product quality. Our solutions reduce off-line testing enable advanced process control.

Reliable, Proficient PAT

Industry Success Story: Control of Commercial Cell Culture Process 

Complexity, simplified

A single Raman sampling point provides in situ, real-time analysis from many complex lab and process operations. Kaiser Raman phase-optimized probes continuously deliver non-destructive composition and quality data. With our comprehensive service offerings, you can get your lab-to-process analysis right the first time.

Raman-based nutrient control in bioprocessing

Downstream biopharmaceutical operations

Dynamic solids analysis for pharaceutical manufacturing

Analysis for any installation environment

Development labs need innovation and flexibility. cGMP operations require reliability and consistency. Users range from PAT experts to those new to Raman. Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. has a solution for each Life Science application and installation challenge.

Analyzer and automation configurations to meet your unique needs

Benefit from Kaiser Raman’s comprehensive fiber optic probe selection

Successes from process innovation to process automation

Kaiser has an established installation base throughout the world. Our proven reliability, scalability, automation integration, and compliance sets Kaiser above traditional off-line analyzers and other in-line sensors. Our installation base worldwide speaks to how industry leaders trust their products to Kaiser Raman. Hear straight from our users:

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Raman story

How GSK does Raman for bioprocess development

Raman -based polymorph PAT success at DisperSol Technologies

Product Highlights

Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO KS 785 nm installed with female operator

bIO-PRO, KS 785

BioPAT® Spectro by Sartorius introduces Kaiser Raman into Ambr® to enable QbD and Biostat STR® for single-use manufacturing. The bIO-PRO, KS 785 is compatible with Ambr® 15, Ambr® 250, and all scales of Biostat STR®.

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Kaiser Raman PhAT Probe front lens view

Kaiser Raman PhAT probe

A large excitation spot (6 mm) and multiple collection fibers in the PhAT probe achieve sampling in both the axial and lateral dimensions.

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Kaiser SUB Installed

SUB-Optic System

Disposable Raman probe adaptors enable in-process single-use bioreactor (SUB) measurements with a non-contact approach. Kaiser Raman-ready ports are pre-sterilized and delivered by SUB vendors.

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