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One analyzer to replace them all…

Improve availability while reducing CAPEX and OPEX

Modern gas turbines, particularly heavy-duty industrial turbines, have been designed to accept a much wider range of fuel blends. However, different fuels require changes in the operating conditions of the turbine to ensure the most efficient operation, and to make sure the turbine is not operated in an unsafe way. Fuel blending can occur on a short time scale, so response to such changes must be fast. Kaiser Raman analyzers can provide compositional information for these high-pressure streams at process pressures and in seconds.

0 USD per installation

is the installed cost of analyzers that can be replaced with a single Kaiser Raman analyzer for turbine fuel feed measurement.

How we can help

Kaiser Raman process analyzers provide an optical alternative to conventional separation-based methods, such as gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers.

  • Measure the key components in the stream with a single analyzer.
  • Non-destructive analysis.
  • Analysis methods can be tailored to meet specific fuel feeds or developed to handle a wider range of fuel compositions and blends.
  • Protect and optimize your turbines by getting results when you need them…in time to make critical operational changes.


Measure rapidly changing and blended gas turbine fuels

In order to measure the turbine fuel composition, and calculated energy content, some turbines ship with multiple analyzers, including a calorimeter (providing results every 5 seconds, but a delay of 30 seconds between measurements), two Gas Chromatographs (each taking up to 5 minutes per measurement), an oxygen analyzer, and a CO2 analyzer. Our Kaiser Raman analyzers can measure the turbine fuel feed with a single measurement taking less than 20 seconds. And each analyzer can measure 4 independent streams, all in less than 20 seconds.

Our expertise in the field

With Kaiser Raman analyzers, provide reliable, rapid turbine feed analysis in seconds.

  • Measures samples at or near process pressure, virtually eliminating sample lag time in measurements
  • Measures such diverse turbine fuels as natural gas, syngas, and hydrogen, separately or while being blended
  • Fast measurements and near-zero lag time allow rapid response to major fuel composition changes
  • Requires no columns, valves, or carrier gases, improving analyzer availability and reducing OPEX
  • Measures up to 4 streams simultaneously, for even faster measurement of multiple inputs
  • Enhances worker safety as no toxic gases are transported to the analyzer

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