​Raman analysis is not limited to a specific physical form of a material and can be conducted on solids, liquids, and gases.  This ability coupled with the non-destructive nature of the technique provides a powerful foundation for implementation within the chemical industry.

Some of the earliest process applications that Kaiser was involved with fall into the category of chemical analysis.  Early process successes in the manufacturing environment included titanium dioxide and phosphorous trichloride.  These applications are now more than 10 years old with multiyear analyzer uptime running at approximately 98%.

Typical applications for Raman include study of corrosive materials, intermediate formation and control, yield optimization, and end-point detection.

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Further information on chemical and process analysis with Raman can be found in Handbook of Raman Spectroscopy:  From Laboratory to Process Line by Ian R. Lewis and Howell G. M. Edwards, Marcel Dekker, New York, New York (2001)

Application Resources
Title Category Format ID#  
Monitoring CaCO3 Polymorph Formation in the Presence of Polymeric Additives Raman Application Notes PDF AN204
Monitoring the Rutile/Anatase Ratio in TiO2 Production Raman Application Notes PDF AN202
Raman Spectroscopy to Support REACH Registration of Gases Raman Application Notes PDF AN208
Raman-Based Endpoint Detection of a Heterogeneous Etherification Reaction Raman Application Notes PDF AN329
Real-Time Quality Prediction of Continuously Produced Pharmaceutical Granules Raman Application Notes PDF AN330
Tandem Raman and IR Spectroscopies for Monitoring of Soil Gases in CO2 Sequestration Raman Application Notes PDF AN209
The Formation of Phosphorus Trichloride from Phosphorus and Chlorine Raman Application Notes PDF AN200
The Production of Methyl Chlorosilanes Raman Application Notes PDF AN201
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