Kaiser's Quality Management System (QMS) consists of management, core production and support processes, and document control.  We are dedicated to the continous improvement of QMS.  Our QMS has allowed us to support quality design, development, and manufacturing allowing us to meet the rigourous standards required for hazard area / classified location applications and by ISO.


Download our quality documents and certificates from this page.


General Kaiser (ISO)
Title Category Format ID#  
ISO Certificate 9001:2015 Certifications PDF CERTGK0001
Quality Assurance Notification Raman Analyzers and Probes.pdf Certifications PDF CERTGK0002

Declaration of Conformity
Title Category Format ID#  
Probes and Optics Certifications PDF CERTDC0009
RamanRxn1™ Certifications PDF CERTDC0001
RamanRxn2™ Certifications PDF CERTDC0007
RamanRxn3™ Certifications PDF CERTDC0006
RamanRxn4™ Certifications PDF CERTDC0008

Declaration of Conformity - ATEX
Title Category Format ID#  
Probes and Optics - ATEX Certifications PDF CERTDC0005
RamanRxn2™ - ATEX Certifications PDF CERTDC0002
RamanRxn3™ - ATEX Certifications PDF CERTDC0003
RamanRxn4™ - ATEX Certifications PDF CERTDC0004

Hazard Area Certifications
Title Category Format ID#  
ATEX Certification Raman Probes Certifications PDF CERTHAC0001
ATEX Certification RamanRxn2™, RamanRxn3™, RamanRxn4™ Certifications PDF CERTHAC0002
ATEX Certification RamanRxn3™ Certifications PDF CERTHAC0003
Certificate of Compliance Raman Probes Certifications PDF CERTHAC0004
IECEx Certificate of Conformity - Probes Certifications PDF CERTHAC0005
Intertek Authorization to Mark RamanRxn2™, RamanRxn3™, RamanRxn4™ Certifications PDF CERTHAC0006
Intertek Authorization to Mark RamanRxn3™ Certifications PDF CERTHAC0007

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