Pulse Compression Gratings

Kaiser is a pioneer in the use of VPH gratings in ultrafast lasers with some of our earliest pulse compression gratings being designed for the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science located at the University of Michigan and delivered in 1995. VPH gratings with very high diffraction efficiency covering the entire spectral bandwidth are ideal for use as the critical dispersion elements in ultrafast laser systems and allow laser pulses to be compressed into the femtosecond regime. Kaiser's VPH transmission gratings are currently found in ultrafast lasers deployed around the world for various uses from human eye surgery to ultra fine micro machining of metals. With more than 25 years of experience designing and fabricating high quality holographic optics Kaiser has established itself as a recognized leader in VPH grating production for ultrafast laser use.


Key Features that make VPH gratings ideal for Ultrafast applications:

  • High diffraction efficiency
  • Low wavefront distortion
  • Low loss
  • Low scatter
  • Anti-reflection coatings
  • Cleanable optics
  • Robust packaging
  • Transmission configuration

Standard Production VPH Grating Wavelengths
Kaiser offers several standard gratings for ultrafast applications. Example information for the following grating frequency and center wavelengths are provided in the table below.
(click on the link to view the grating performance chart)

Grating Frequency
Center Wavelength


Contact us directly to discuss your needs if you do not see a grating that meets your requirements.


Custom Pulse Compression VPH gratings
Kaiser designs and manufactures custom gratings at our Ann Arbor facility. Kaiser offers more than 25 calender-years of experience designing and fabricating high quality holographic optics.

Contact us directly to discuss your requirements


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