Invictus Lasers

Kaiser's Invictus™ series of lasers have been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the Raman industry. Whether these demands are for low background emissions in the NIR to meet the specifications of researchers for high spatial resolutions and high fidelity Raman images, or the needs of the industrial process enviroment where reliability and low cost of ownership are key, the Invictus™ series meets these requirements. With a standard laser warranty of 1 year, unlimited hours, Kaiser's Invictus™ lasers set the standard for NIR Raman lasers.

Choose Your Invictus Laser:

The Invictus™ 785-nm NIR laser is the excitation laser of choice for the majority of Raman spectroscopy applications from pharmaceutical to polymers.

The Invictus™ 830-nm NIR laser has been developed for biomedical applications of Raman spectroscopy where sample absorbtion characteristics require longer excitation wavelengths and reduced spectral range.
The Invictus™ 532-nm VIS laser is used for specific Raman spectroscopic applications including gas phase measurements, and measurements where sample flourescence is minimal and concentration per unit area is low.
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