bIO-LAB for Bioprocess Applications

The bIO-LAB Probe reflects the coupling of the flexible RAMANRXN Probe head with either the bIO-Optic-120 or bIO-Optic-220, or bIO-Optic-320, or bIO-Optic-420 to enable in situ measurement of the bioprocess, and suitability for autoclaving and/or gamma sterilization. The design of these probes, complete with their industry standard 120mm, 220mm, 320mm, or 420mm lengths and 12mm OD, make them ideally suited for both glass and plastic benchtop bioreactor/fermentor applications requiring headplate entry. Additionally, their Pg 13.5 threading enables their use with industry leading benchtop bioreactor manufacturers.

The fixed focus design of the bIO-Optic provides long-term measurement stability along with superior signal performance which is essential for transferable, high performance Raman-based bioprocess analysis.

Probe Features
  • 12mm OD
  • 120mm, 220mm, 320mm, or 420mm Lengths
  • Autoclavable or Gamma Sterilizable
  • Pg 13.5 Threaded Connector
  • One In / One Out Fiber Optics
  • Integrated "Laser On" Indicator
  • Patented Probe Design
  • Compatible with Industry Leading Benchtop Bioreactors
Product Resources
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