Bioprocess RamanRxn2, Multi-channel Analyzer

The RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ suite of analyzers has set the standard for analyzing, monitoring, and controlling bioprocesses since its introduction in 2009. Raman spectroscopy provides the chemical specificity of a mid-IR analyzer with the ease of sampling of a near-IR analyzer.

The RAMANRXN2™ analyzer is ideally suited for applications in Development scale (10ml – 20L), Pilot scale (50L-500L), and Manufacturing scale (500L – 15,000L+) bioreactors. The ability to scale with the bioprocess enables these analyzers to monitor, measure, and optimize the bioprocess throughout its life cycle. The multi-channel RAMANRXN2™ enables the use of a single-analyzer in support of up to 4 probes, simultaneously utilized in as many bioprocesses. The RAMANRXN2™ 4-channel Raman analyzer operates sequentially allowing both fast analysis per channel and programmable channel integration.

The RAMANRXN2™ fiber-coupled multi-channel Raman analyzer addresses the novel application environment associated with bioprocessing. This analyzer can be combined with the latest compliant version of the iC Raman™ data acquisition software, Enterprise Historian, or Legacy DCS to comply with GLP/GMP guidelines of the bioprocess industry and both PAT/QbD initiatives.

  • Cell Culture
  • Fermentation
  • Purification
  • Process Development to Pilot to Manufacturing
  • High Performance Spectroscopy
  • In Situ Continuous Bioprocess Measurements
  • Enabled for up to 4 Bioreactors
  • Designed for the Bioprocess Environment
Product Resources
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