RamanRxn™ Probe Head for Flexible Laboratory-based Sampling

The RAMANRXN Probe filtered remote Raman probe head is suitable for laboratory / general purpose Raman sampling. This fiber-optically coupled probe is both compact and lightweight, which maximizes sample opportunities.

The RAMANRXN Probe is versatile enough to accept a wide range of sampling optics. Non-contact optics can be used to measure through windows, bottles, or simply at a convenient distance from a sample. Immersion (IO) and insertion optics are available for in situ Raman analysis of reaction vessels, automated laboratory reactors, extruders, or process streams.

  • Patented Design
  • Integrated "Laser On" Indicator
  • Flexible Output Compatible with a Range of Sampling Optics
  • One In / One Out Fiber Optics
  • 180 Degree Measurement
  • FC Connectors
  • Access to Critical Low-wavenumber Region (150-500 cm-1) for Inorganics, Some Organics, Pharmaceuticals, and Carbon Nanotubes.
RamanRxn™ Filtered Probe Head
Laser Wavelength: 532nm, 785nm, 1000nm
Spectral Coverage: 175-4325 cm–1 (532nm),
150-3425 cm-1 (785nm),
200-2400 cm-1 (1000nm)
Laser Power:
Maximum Laser Power
into Probe Head:
500 mW
Laser Power at Sample:  
532nm (with std. 50 mW laser) >20 mW
785nm (with std. 400 mW laser) >150 mW
1000nm (with std. 400 mW laser) >150 mW
Sample Interface:
(probe head):
+10 to + 70°C
(fiber cable):
–40 to + 80°C
Physical - Probe Head:
Weight (including cable): 1 lb. (0.5 kg)
(not including cable):
5.5" (14 cm) in Length,
0.75" (1.9 cm) in Diameter
Cable Length: 5 m (standard), Custom Lengths Contact Kaiser
Probe Head - Other:
Polarization at Sample: Unpolarized
Fiber Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.29, Step Index
Excitation Beam Diameter
5 mm
Excitation Fiber Diameter: 62.5 μm
Collection Beam Diameter
9 mm Maximum
Collection Fiber Diameter: 100 μm
Collection Zone Diameter: 100 μm
Collection Zone Depth: 500 μm
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