Non-Contact Optics for RamanRxn™ Probe Filtered Probe Head

Kaiser has developed a complete line of non-contact optics (NCO’s) compatible with the RAMANRXN Probe filtered probe head. They are designed for use in environments that could be damaging to optics or where sample contamination is a concern. NCO’s are available with a variety of working distances ranging from 0.3 inches to 17 inches, allowing their use in a variety of applications. Each optic is optimized for either visible or NIR incident radiation.

  • Non-contact Analysis of Delicate or Corrosive Samples
  • Easy Change-over Between NCO’s using Standard Industry Mounting
  • Various Working Distances Available to Optimize each Application
  • Compatible with the Compact RAMANRXN Probe Filtered Probe Head

Model Number Working Distance
Working Distance


0.4 in.

1 cm


0.5 in.

1.25 cm


1.3 in.

3.3 cm


2.5 in.

6.4 cm


3.0 in.

7.5 cm


5.5 in.

14 cm


17 in.

43 cm

Product Resources
Title Category Format ID#  
RamanRxn Probe Head Product Flyers PDF PF0020
Non-Contact Optics Raman Technical Notes PDF TN1251
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