Raman Spectroscopy
A leader in Raman spectroscopy since 1992 and the pioneer of the holographic technology that has revolutionized Raman spectroscopy, Kaiser develops and manufactures an extensive range of Raman products from R&D through the process markets.
Kaiser's Optimized Products For:
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A Closer Look at Raman Spectroscopy  
Scientific Background: Learn about Raman
Introduction to:
  • Raman Theory
  • The Raman Spectrum
  • Advantages of Raman
  • Quantitative Raman
Inside a Raman: The Basic Components of a Raman System
  • Laser Excitation Source
  • The Sample
  • Collection Optics
  • Wavelength Separation Device
  • Detector and Associated Electronics
  • Recording Device
The Kaiser Raman Approach
Kaiser utilizes integrated design architecture to optimize Raman performance while maintaining sampling flexibility. Our holographic transmission gratings enable the entire Raman spectrum to be acquired simultaneously, instead of scanning in bits and pieces, allowing superior calibration stability and enabling true real-time analysis. With over 20 years since Kaiser’s first installation, our products are field-proven delivering application successes and investment paybacks.
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