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High quality accessories to boost the value of your Raman system

Kaiser Raman accessories allow you to customize your Raman instrument to your own unique requirements, thereby maximizing its return on investment.  From sampling optics, to our calibration accessory and our enclosed sample compartment, Kaiser Raman accessories provide extra flexibility and versatility to help tailor your system to your specific laboratory and manufacturing needs.

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Kaiser Raman Non-contact optic

Robust optics for liquid, slurry, and solid sampling

  • Immersion, bioprocess, and non-contact optics
  • Variety of lengths and sizes available
  • Flexible design to accommodate multiple sampling options
Kaiser Raman Rxn2 Analyzer on cart

Installation option for Raman Rxn2 analyzers to aid lab-to-process scalability

  • Medical-grade design with powder coated aluminum/steel construction​
  • Easy mobility via lockable, dual-wheel swivel casters​
  • Integrated wire routing, power strip​ and rear power entry point
  • Convenient rear probe outrigger and added drawer for extra storage
Kaiser Raman Calibration Accessory HCA

Fast, simple, and accurate wavelength and intensity calibration

  • Robust calibration protocol
  • Excellent system accuracy
  • Unparalleled instrument precision
  • Minimal technical support
Kaiser Enclosed Sample Chamber

Flexible sampling accessory compatible with Kaiser non-contact optics

  • Accommodates a variety of sample forms
  • May be used in either a horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Cart mountable for convenient and transportable analytical chamber