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Enclosed sample compartment

Facilitate routine measurements in the laboratory or at line with our compact and flexible enclosed sample compartment

Ambient light from standard room conditions can cause issues with your measurement.  The enclosed sample compartment helps reduce the interference of ambient light so that you can get accurate spectra of your sample.

Compatible with Kaiser non-contact optics including the PhAT and RamanRxn probe with non-contact optics, the enclosed sample compartment enables fast, precise, and quantitative Raman spectroscopy in the laboratory or at-line process environments. Additional options include a 1 cm cuvette holder for liquid samples, a tablet holder, or a powder holder, providing easy switching between holders and enabling sampling repeatability.

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  • Compatible with all Kaiser Raman analyzers and select probes
  • Accommodates a variety of sample types
  • May be configured as a dedicated sample compartment on one channel of multi-channel analyzer
  • Easy switching between sample holders
  • Cart mountable for at-line process measurements

Field of Application

  • At-line composition measurements
  • Measure samples in the laboratory from different projects consecutively
  • Off-line verification of in-line Raman measurements
  • Model transfer from at-line to in-line without significant model rework
  • Used in a variety of industries: Life Sciences (Bioprocessing, Biopharmaceuticals), Chemical, Food and Beverage

Features and Specifications

8.2″ × 4.2″ × 5.0″

Sampling Kits
Tablet holder, 1 cm cuvette holder, powder holder

Safety Features
Electrical interlock

Alternate configuration
No interlock, no electrical configuration

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