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Kaiser Raman Optics

The perfect partner to our world class probe technology

Select Kaiser Raman probes, designed for product and process development applications, have the versatility to accept a range of powerful optics. Designed with precision in mind, Kaiser Raman optics provide maximum sampling flexibility so your data can be measured with pinpoint accuracy.

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Kaiser Raman Immersion Optics

Fixed focus design provides long-term measurement stability along with superior signal performance

  • Compatible with the Kaiser RamanRxn probehead
  • Ideal for quick liquids, slurries & semi-solids measurements in the lab
  • Wettable components resist corrosion in harsh environments
Kaiser Raman Non-contact optic

Superior non-contact optics that protect samples and avoid contamination

  • Compatible with the Kaiser RamanRxn probehead
  • Non-contact analysis of delicate or corrosive samples
  • Easy change-over between non-contact optics using standard industry mounting
  • Various working distances available to optimize each application
Kaiser Raman bIO Optics

Ideally suited for both glass and plastic benchtop bioreactor/fermentor applications requiring headplate entry

  • Compatible with the Kaiser RamanRxn probehead
  • Immersion optic for multi-component bioprocess measurement
  • Compatible with standard reactor ports
  • Autoclavable
Kaiser SUB Optic

Developed to industry standards for single-use sensors for bioprocesses

  • Compatible with the Kaiser RamanRxn probehead
  • Gamma sterilizable
  • Disposable fitting for single-use bioreactors (SUB), plus a non-contact reusable optic
  • Tested and supplied by multiple SUB vendors
Kaiser Raman PhAT Non-Contact Optic

Control the spot size at the surface of your sample and the non-contact working distance

  • Compatible with the Kaiser Raman PhAT probehead
  • Removable lens, user-changeable to optimize data collection zone
  • Coater-compatible, purgeable sampling optics
  • Dryer-compatible, sealed sampling optics