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Kaiser Raman Calibration Accessory

Fast, simple, and accurate wavelength and intensity calibration for Raman analyzers

Unlike many Raman instruments, Kaiser Raman analyzers utilize calibration protocols to ensure both wavelength and intensity accuracy and precision. The Kaiser Raman Calibration Accessory offers an easy-to-use calibration protocol that provides accuracy and repeatability critical for qualitative and quantitative Raman analysis. Used routinely, the HCA protocol facilitates calibration transfer between laboratory instruments and on-line process analyzers.

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  • Robust calibration protocol
  • Excellent system accuracy
  • Unparalleled instrument precision
  • Minimal technical support required
  • White Light NIST Traceable
  • Compatible with Cyclohexane ASTM
  • Facilitates easy calibration transfer
  • Chemical models instrument-independent
  • Minimizes expensive model maintenance

Field of Application

  • Routine instrument performance calibration
  • Cross-scale calibration transfer
  • Cross-site calibration transfer
  • Used in a variety of industries: Life Sciences (Bioprocessing, Biopharmaceuticals), Chemical, Food and Beverage

Features and Specifications

Wavelength Reference

Spectral Intensity Reference

Spectral Intensity Calibration Range (data file)

Spectral Intensity Calibration Range (data file)
HCA-532: 534.5 to 694.0 nm
HCA-785: 790.7 to 1074.5 nm
HCA-1000: 1012.6 to 1304.6 nm

Spectral Intensity Output Repeatability (over any 4000 cm–1 spectrum)
Short Term: 2%
Over 100 hours: 2.65%

Adapter options
Lamp Housing Adapters for sampling optics (NCO 0.4″, 0.5″, 2.5″, 3″, 5.5″ options)

Immersion (IO) ½” Adapter

PhAT Adapter

bIO Adapter

Fiber Adapters: FC and SMA

Electrical Data
Power Source: 100–240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 22 W Maximum

CE Certified: Yes

Dimensions (mm)
Control unit: 12 x 270 x 43

Lamp head: 50 x 80 x 19

Weight (kg)
Control Unit: 1.60 kg
Lamp head: 0.10 kg

Sampling probe compatibility
Solids: Kaiser non-contact optics, PhAT probe
Liquids: RamanRxn, bIO-LAB, bIO-PRO, SUB-Optic system, WetHead, Pilot-E

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