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Kaiser Raman Calibration Tool

Fast, simple, and accurate field tool for intensity calibration of Kaiser Raman analyzers

The Kaiser Raman Calibration Tool (RCT) offers laboratory quality calibration in a field-capable tool, providing high accuracy critical for quantitative analysis. Calibrate Raman analyzers in the visible region in terms of intensity (y-axis) using NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM) and following ASTM standardized protocols…in the lab or in the field. Coupled with wavelength (x-axis) and laser calibration that are integrated into Kaiser Raman analyzers, the RCT provides the highest level of accuracy for even the most demanding Raman measurements. Used routinely, the RCT protocol facilitates calibration transfer between laboratory instruments and on-line process analyzers.

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  • Robust calibration protocol
  • Excellent system accuracy
  • Unparalleled instrument precision
  • Minimal technical support required
  • Incorporates NIST Standard Reference Material (SRM)
  • Compatible with ASTM E2911
  • Facilitates easy calibration transfer
  • Chemical methods and models instrument-independent
  • Can be used in the factory, lab, and field
  • Simple wizard-based protocol

Features and Specifications

Spectral intensity reference
NIST SRM glass

Spectral intensity calibration range (532 nm)
534.5 to 694.0 nm

Spectral intensity output repeatability (at time of certification)
< ± 2%

Total long term spectral uncertainty (at any wavelength)
± 2.85%

Dimensions (diameter x height, mm)
83 x 66

Weight (kg)
0.54 (1.2 lbs)

Operating conditions
-20 to + 50 °C

Recommended storage conditions
15 to 25 °C, < 10% humidity, non-condensing