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Kaiser Raman Analyzers

High performance instruments to harness the power of Raman spectroscopy

Kaiser Raman Analyzers represent the state of the art in Raman spectroscopy. We are the choice for Raman analysis, both in the laboratory and on the process line.  All Kaiser Raman systems share common technology and allow easy transfer of protocols from the R&D lab to manufacturing.

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Kaiser Raman Rxn2 Hybrid Analyzer view from front left corner

Raman system designed for use in analytical laboratories

  • Routine sample analysis
  • Support of R&D projects
  • Early process development
  • Scale up settings for in situ analysis
Kaiser Raman Rxn4 Analyzer front view

Raman system designed for use in control room settings

  • 24/7 in situ on-line control
  • Self-calibrating with self-diagnostics and spectral correction methods
  • Ruggedness, versatility, and reliability
Rxn2 Hybrid

Provides both traditional small spot Raman sampling and PhAT-based wide area Raman sampling

  • Versatile and robust chemometric analysis
  • Up to 6mm spot size
  • Includes 1 PhAT channel and 1 alternate channel