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Kaiser Raman Rxn Hybrid analyzer series

Robust solids analysis packaged in a versatile Raman analyzer

The Kaiser Raman Rxn Hybrid analyzer series offers the most advanced and flexible solid phase analyzers in the Kaiser Raman analyzer portfolio. Available as either a Raman Rxn2 Hybrid or Rxn4 Hybrid variant, these analyzers feature hybrid (micron and mm) probe capability, high spectral resolution, and easy calibration transfer between analyzers.

When coupled with Kaiser Raman sampling probes, Raman Rxn Hybrid analyzers adeptly perform both traditional small spot Raman sampling and PhAT-based wide area Raman sampling. In addition to offering one PhAT channel, these analyzers also support one other alternate channel which may be dedicated to liquids analysis, thereby enabling efficient measurement of two different applications or sample phases from the same analyzer.

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Additional Components

Kaiser Raman PhAT Probe front lens view

PhAT probe

Robust probe for solids and semi-solids measurement

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Pilot-E Probe

Kaiser Raman Pilot-E probe

Process probe compatible for direct insertion

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Kaiser Raman Calibration Accessory product HCA

Calibration Accessory

Easy-to-use calibration protocol for qualitative and quantitative spectral analysis

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  • Enables the use of a single base unit to support one PhAT probe and one non-PhAT probe
  • Reproducible solids measurements without needing to refocus probe or touch samples
  • Sampling volume range: micron to mm
  • Up to 6mm spot size measurement
  • Elimination of subsampling concerns
  • Suitable for outputs into hazardous area/classified environments

Field of application

Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical: API reaction monitoring, crystallization, polymorph, blending, granulations, drying and other drug product unit operations, tablets, and capsules

Polymerization, polymer blending, polymer pellets, fibers, plaques, or films, extrusion monitoring, catalysis investigations

Food & Beverage
Dairy solids, meat and fish composition

Features and Specifications

Measuring principle

Laser wavelength
785 nm

Spectral coverage
175-1890 cm-1 (λ=785 nm)

One PhAT channel and one alternate channel (non-PhAT)

Rxn2: 15°C – 30°C (operating); -15°C to +50°C (storage)
Rxn4 base model: +5°C to +35°C (operating); -15°C to +50°C (storage)
Rxn4 NEMA 4x enclosure model: 5°C to +50°C (operating); -15°C to +50°C (storage)

Relative humidity
20–80% RH, noncondensing

Input voltage
Rxn2/Rxn4 base model: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, ±10%
NEMA 4x enclosure model: 115 V ±10%, 60 Hz; or 230 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption
Maximum: 400 W
Start-up: 250 W (typical)
Running: 120 W (typical)
NEMA 4x enclosure model: 1560 W (max), 1560 W (start-up, typical), 750 W (running, typical)

Warm-up time
Rxn2 and Rxn4 base models: 120 Minutes
NEMA 4x enclosure model: 240 minutes

Unit dimensions (width x height x depth in mm)
Rxn2 benchtop model: 279 x 483 x 592
Rxn2 cart model: 685 x 1022 (to tabletop) x 753
Rxn4 base model: 483 x 267 x 556
NEMA 4x enclosure model: 1175 x 1480 x 826 (with optional trolley)

Weight (kg)
Rxn2 base model: 32
Rxn2 cart mounted: 93
Rxn4 base model: 28.5
NEMA 4x enclosure model: 185.5 (with optional trolley)

Sampling probe compatibility
Solids: PhAT probe
Liquids: RamanRxn(with optics), bIO-PRO (standard & KS model), WetHead, Pilot-E

Connection Interface

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Hazardous area certifications
ATEX, North American, IECEx

Installation options
Rxn2 model: benchtop (standard) or mobile wheeled cart
Rxn4 base model: 19″ rack package
Rxn4 with NEMA 4x enclosure: wall-mountable, mobile trolley, or fixed stand

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Application Notes:

bIO-PRO KS 785 Installed Lab with operator


2020 Pharma Innovation Award

Our Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO, KS bioprocessing probe was recently selected as a 2020 Pharma Innovation Award winner by Pharma Manufacturing Magazine!

The Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO, KS probe provides fast, accurate measurement of key bioprocess variables from lab-to-process. It is an exciting advancement in our already well-established Kaiser Raman bioprocess product portfolio.

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Two employee with proper PPE and stainless steel Bio Reactor_resized


Advanced bioprocess control

Learn how Kaiser Raman technology helped Nicro eliminate time-consuming offline sampling in favor of real-time monitoring of critical parameters in fermentation processes.

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2021 Coblentz Society William Wright award recipient, Dr. Ian Lewis


2021 Williams-Wright Award

Dr. Ian R. Lewis, Director of Marketing at Kaiser Optical Systems, has been named the 2021 Williams-Wright Award recipient by The Coblentz Society for his significant contributions to vibrational spectroscopy. The award was presented during the 2021 Pittcon Conference & Expo.

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