Kaiser Raman Pilot-E Probe for LNG

Optimized design for in situ process analyses of cryogenic liquids

The design of the Pilot-E probe for LNG has been optimized for in situ process analyses of cryogenic liquids.  Analyzing LNG as a cryogenic liquid eliminates the errors associated with sampling systems such as vaporizers, which are typically required with traditional process analyzers, resulting in  greatly improved certainty of the value of LNG transacted during custody transfer.

The Pilot-E probes can be supplied, marked, and certified to the ATEX directive, North American (CSA) hazard area, or IECEx safety requirements. The combination of the Pilot-E probe for LNG and Kaiser Raman analyzers (Raman Rxn4 for LNG, Optograf Analyzer) yields a powerful process analytical tool for in situ composition analysis of LNG and mixed refrigerants using quantitative Raman spectral analysis.

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Additional Components

Kaiser Raman Rxn4 LNG

Kaiser Raman Rxn4 Analyzer for LNG

Robust, versatile, and reliable analyzer for LNG custody transfer.

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Optograf Gas Analyzer front view

Kaiser Raman Optograf analyzer

Industry-leading, turn-key, laser-based process analyzer.

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Kaiser Raman Calibration Accessory product HCA

Calibration Accessory

Easy-to-use calibration protocol for quantitative spectral analysis.

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  • Probe constructed to individual site requirements
  • Sealed probe design
  • Integrated “Laser on” indicator
  • One in / One out fiber optics
  • Hazardous area certified: CSA, ATEX, IECEx

Field of application

  • Baseload export custody transfer
  • Baseload import custody transfer
  • Truck loading
  • Bunkering
  • LNG rundown to storage tanks
  • Mixed refrigerant optimization

Features and Specifications

Measuring principle
Raman spectroscopy

Laser wavelength
532 nm, 785 nm

Spectral coverage
150-3425 cm-1 (532 nm)
150-3425 cm-1 (785 nm)

Maximum laser power into probe head

Sample Interface
Temperature, probe tip: –196 °C to -70 °C
Temperature ramp: ≤6 °C/min
Pressure: ≤ 370 psia (SS 316L); ≤ 650 psia (Alloy C276)

Body and wetted materials
Body: 316L stainless steel (standard); C276 Alloy (optional)
Window: High-purity sapphire

Fiber optic cable
Design: PVC jacketed, proprietary construction
Connections: proprietary electro-optic
Temperature: –40 to 80 °C
Length: 5000 mm (16.4 ft) standard, custom lengths available
Minimum bend radius: 152.4 mm (6 in)

Length (mm)
Up to 3048

Diameter (mm)

Documents/ Manuals/Software


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IFPAC-2021 (February 28 – March 5, 2021)

Join us for our three virtual presentations at IFPAC-2021:

March 1st at 1-5:30 PM EST – SmartRaman spectroscopy for automated monitoring and control of industrial processes

March 2nd at 1-5:30 PM EST – Tips and tricks to make process Raman spectroscopy a success

March 4th at 7:45-11:00 AM EST – Raman spectroscopy for automated monitoring and control of bioprocesses

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bIO-PRO KS 785 Installed Lab with operator


2020 Pharma Innovation Award

Our Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO, KS bioprocessing probe was recently selected as a 2020 Pharma Innovation Award winner by Pharma Manufacturing Magazine!

The Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO, KS probe provides fast, accurate measurement of key bioprocess variables from lab-to-process. It is an exciting advancement in our already well-established Kaiser Raman bioprocess product portfolio.

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Pittcon 2021 virtual conference


2021 Pittcon Conference & Expo (March 8-12, 2021)

Join us during our two virtual presentations at the 2021 Pittcon Conference & Expo:

March 8th at 1:30 PM EST – The Role of Process Raman Spectroscopy in Chemical and Polymer Applications

March 12 at 9:30 AM EST – Analytical Model Development for Raman Spectroscopy of Pharmaceutical Solids Processing and Upstream Bioprocessing

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