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Kaiser Raman Rxn2 Analyzer

The bridge from laboratory analysis to the process environment

Kaiser Raman Rxn2 has a unique analyzer self-monitoring system to ensure the validity of each measurement. Combined with our phase-optimized sampling probes, the Raman Rxn2 offers high resolution performance for real-time, in-process measurement and control.

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Additional Components

SUB Optic

SUB-Optic probe system

Developed according to industry standards for single-use sensors

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bIO-PRO Probe

bIO-PRO Raman probe

Compatible with bioprocess industry standard housings for 25mm side ports

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PhAT Probe

PhAT probe

Easy-to-use calibration protocol for qualitative and quantitative spectral analysis

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  • Enables the use of a single base unit to support up to 4 probes
  • Operates sequentially, allowing both fast analysis per channel and programmable channel interrogation
  • Can be combined with data acquisition software to comply with industry specific manufacturing principles
  • Acquired Raman spectra can be converted to process understanding using multivariate analysis (MVA) approaches
  • Facilitates process control, supporting product quality initiatives

Field of application

Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical Formulations Development: Blending, Granulations, Drying
Pharmaceutical API Development: Reaction Chemistry, Yield
Crystallization and Polymorph
PAT / QbD Applications
Biologics / Biomedical
GLP/GMP compatible

Polymer Blending
Extrusion Monitoring
Catalysis Investigations

Food & Beverage

Features and specifications

Measuring principle

Laser wavelength
532 nm, 785 nm, 1000 nm

Spectral coverage
150-4350 cm-1 ( λ=532 nm); 150-3425 cm-1 (λ=785 nm); 200-2400 cm-1 (λ=1000 nm)

1 channel or 4 channel options available

15°C – 30°C (operating); -15°C to +50°C (storage)

Relative humidity
20-80%, RH noncondensing

Input voltage
100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, ±10%

Power consumption
Maximum: 400 W
Startup: 250 W (typical)
Operation: 120 W (typical)

Warm up time
120 minutes

Unit dimensions (mm)
Benchtop model: 279 x 592 x 483
Cart model: 710 x 760 x 1015

Weight (kg)
Benchtop model: 32
Cart mounted: 93
Rxn2, non-embedded: 68 lbs
Rxn2, embedded: 71 lbs

Sampling probe compatibility
Solids: Kaiser non-contact optics, PhAT probe
Liquids: RamanRxn, bIO-LAB, bIO-PRO, SUB-Optic system, WetHead, Pilot-E
Gases: AirHead (532 nm only)

Connection interface

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North American, ATEX (contact us for other options)

Packaging options
Wheeled cart

Documents/ Manuals/Software


Application Notes:


Feb 24, 2020 – Sartorius Introduces BioPAT® Spectro QbD Tool

The BioPAT® Spectro offers access to Raman spectroscopy analysis in high throughput process development, supporting faster Raman model building and accelerating scale-up into commercial manufacturing.

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10/23/2020 10:00 AM EST

Please join Dejan Arzenšek, Principal Scientist at Novartis and Maryann Cuellar from Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. as they team up to discuss PAT tool mapping for enabling integrated DSP in continuous biomanufacturing, followed by an additional perspective on the biopharma industry.  The webinar is presented as part of  the BioPharma Asia Magazine webinar series.

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