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Kaiser Raman Rxn2 Analyzer

The bridge from laboratory analysis to the process environment

Kaiser Raman Rxn2 has a unique analyzer self-monitoring system to ensure the validity of each measurement. Combined with our phase-optimized sampling probes, the Raman Rxn2 offers high resolution performance for real-time, in-process measurement and control.

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Additional Components

SUB-Optic probe system

Developed according to industry standards for single-use sensors

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bIO-PRO Raman probe

Compatible with bioprocess industry standard housings for 25mm side ports

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PhAT probe

Easy-to-use calibration protocol for qualitative and quantitative spectral analysis

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  • Enables the use of a single base unit to support up to 4 probes
  • Operates sequentially, allowing both fast analysis per channel and programmable channel interrogation
  • Can be combined with data acquisition software to comply with industry specific manufacturing principles
  • Acquired Raman spectra can be converted to process understanding using multivariate analysis (MVA) approaches
  • Facilitates process control, supporting product quality initiatives

Field of application

Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical Formulations Development: Blending, Granulations, Drying
Pharmaceutical API Development: Reaction Chemistry, Yield
Crystallization and Polymorph
PAT / QbD Applications
Biologics / Biomedical
GLP/GMP compatible

Polymer Blending
Extrusion Monitoring
Catalysis Investigations

Food & Beverage

Features and specifications

Measuring principle

Laser wavelength
532 nm, 785 nm, 1000 nm

Spectral coverage
150-4375 cm-1 ( λ=532 nm); 150-3425 cm-1 (λ=785 nm); 200-2400 cm-1 (λ=1000 nm)

1 channel or 4 channel options available

15°C – 30°C (operating); -15°C to +50°C (storage)

Relative humidity
20-80%, RH noncondensing

Input voltage
110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz Standard

Max power
<400 Watts max on startup
<150 Watts, typical

Warm up time
120 minutes

Unit dimensions (mm)
Benchtop model: 280 x 620 x 480
Cart model: 710 x 760 x 1520

Weight (kg)
Benchtop model: 31
Cart model: Contact us for other options

Sampling probe compatibility
Solids: Kaiser non-contact optics, PhAT probe
Liquids: RamanRxn, bIO-LAB, bIO-PRO, SUB-Optic system, WetHead, Pilot-E
Gases: AirHead (532 nm only)

Connection interface

(contact us for other options)

North American, ATEX (contact us for other options)

Packaging options
Wheeled cart

Documents/ Manuals/Software


Application Notes:


Feb 24, 2020 – Sartorius Introduces BioPAT® Spectro QbD Tool

The BioPAT® Spectro offers access to Raman spectroscopy analysis in high throughput process development, supporting faster Raman model building and accelerating scale-up into commercial manufacturing.

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07/28/2020 10:00 AM EST

Please join presenter Nick MacLean, Rxn Product Specialist with Kaiser Optical Systems in this introductory and educational webinar examining the underlying principles of Raman spectroscopy and what makes up a robust Raman solution.

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