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Kaiser Raman Fiber Optic Sampling Probes

Non-destructive, continuous, real-time chemical measurements in any environment

Kaiser Raman probes are the most extensive and versatile range of Raman sampling options available. Our fiber optic solutions allow the Raman sampling point to be configured for your application or your plant setting. All Kaiser Raman probes are designed to ensure non-destructive, continuous, real-time chemical analysis without needing to collect a sample or modify existing process hardware.

We offer robust, reliable, and high-performing probe solutions for all phases of matter – solids, liquids, and gases.

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RamanRxn Probe

Designed for product and process development

  • Development flexible by selection: immersion optics, bioprocess optics, or non-contact optic
  • Optimized products for 532 nm, 785 nm, and 1000 nm. Don’t comprise on experimental performance!
  • Immersion designs for direct immersion, always optimized sampling
  • Non-contact optics for non-invasive analysis including analysis of highly corrosive materials
bIO-PRO KS 785

Designed to bring the highest quality Raman performance to the BioPAT® Spectro platform by Sartorius

  • Compatible with Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250
  • Compatible with all scales of Biostat STR®
  • Scalable independent interface: from 15 ml in the laboratory to 2000 L in the production suite
SUB Optic

Developed according to industry standard for single-use sensors for bioprocesses

  • Materials of construction tested at an independent agency
  • FDA-compatible window
  • cGMP qualified
  • Contact your single-use bag manufacturer about compatibility with Kaiser Raman
Rxn Probe with bIO-Optic 220

Designed specifically for standard ports in the bioprocess laboratory

  • Pg 13.5 threaded connector
  • 220, 320, or 420 mm length
  • Autoclavable

Designed specifically for the needs of the biprocessing pilot and manufacturing suites

  • Compatible with standard side port connections
  • 120 mm probe length for stainless reactors
  • Compatible with standard CIP/SIP cleaning protocols

Designed for process liquids, customizable to your process

  • Compatible with direct insertion or slip-stream
  • Alloy C276, Stainless steel 316L or Titanium construction and diameters to 1″
  • Hazardous area certified: North American, ATEX, International
Pilot-E Probe

Designed for process liquids, customizable to your process

  • Compatible with direct insertion or slip-stream
  • Alloy C276, stainless steel 316L or titanium construction
  • Hazardous area certified: North American, ATEX, International
PhAT Probe

Designed for measurement of solids and semi-solids

  • Robust reproducible measurement; immune to surface variations
  • Representative measurement; volumetric Raman / wide area Raman
  • Non-destructive in lab or in situ measurement
  • Non-contact measurement

Designed for process gas

  • Direct insertion, side insertion or sample loop
  • NeSSI compatible
  • Slip-stream compatible
  • Sealed internal probe volume
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