Products Kaiser Raman probes bIO-PRO, KS 785 nm

Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO,
KS 785 nm Probe

The Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO, KS bioprocess probe has been adapted to fit the BioPAT® Spectro platform by Sartorius

The recent union between Kaiser Raman analyzers equipped with bioprocess probe technology and the BioPAT® Spectro platform by Sartorius offers the market an ideal interface to high throughput mini and micro scale bioreactors. Kaiser Raman’s bioprocessing probe technology has been adapted to fit Sartorius’s BioPAT® Spectro platform​, utilizing the same Kaiser Raman probe design for Ambr® 15, Ambr® 250, & Biostat STR® bioreactors​. This collaboration enables non-contact Raman collection, so no cleaning, sterilization, or frequent probe maintenance is required. ​BioPAT® Spectro compatibly from Sartorius is an exciting advancement in the already well-established Kaiser Raman bioprocess product portfolio.

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Additional Components

Kaiser Raman Rxn2 Analyzer view from front left corner

Kaiser Raman Rxn2

Four channel Raman analyzer bridges laboratory analysis to the process environment

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Kaiser Raman Rxn4

Process Raman analyzer ensuring 24/7 process and quality monitoring

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BioPAT® Spectro by Sartorius

An exciting advancement in the well-established Kaiser Raman bioprocess product portfolio

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  • Enables faster, more efficient, easier, and more robust model building via integration with Ambr®
  • Combines the power of Kaiser Raman spectroscopy solutions to high throughput process development which supports QbD
  • Provides a scalable approach and a more efficient transfer to Biostat STR® for single use manufacturing

Field of Application

  • Cell culture: glucose, lactate, amino acids, cell density, titer

Features and Specifications

Ambr®: Kaiser Raman Rxn2 single-channel
Biostat STR®: Embedded or non-embedded Kaiser Raman Rxn2 or Rxn4 analyzers

Location configuration
Ambr®: Benchtop
Biostat STR®: Benchtop or cart mounted (Raman Rxn2); rack mounted or NEMA 4 enclosure (Raman Rxn4)

Spectral coverage
150-3425 cm-1 (λ=785 nm)

Laser wavelength
785 nm

Maximum laser power into probe
<499 mW

Probe configuration software
Ambr®: Single-channel
Biostat STR®: Single or four channel

Raman RunTime v6.3+

User interface
Touch screen starter kit

Fiber optic cable
Ambr®: 5m EO to EO fiber cable
Biostat STR®: EO to EO fiber cable (standard or custom length); or FC to EO fiber converter(s) for non-embedded systems

Kaiser Raman probe calibration accessories
Ambr®: Ambr® flow cell light shield (sold by Kaiser)
Biostat STR®: SIMCA-Q v16 predictor (available in Raman RunTime v6.3+ software)

Documents/ Manuals/Software

Data Sheet:


Application Notes:


Feb 24, 2020 – Sartorius Introduces BioPAT® Spectro QbD Tool

The BioPAT® Spectro offers access to Raman spectroscopy analysis in high throughput process development, supporting faster Raman model building and accelerating scale-up into commercial manufacturing.

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Please join Dejan Arzenšek, Principal Scientist at Novartis and Maryann Cuellar from Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. as they team up to discuss PAT tool mapping for enabling integrated DSP in continuous biomanufacturing, followed by an additional perspective on the biopharma industry.  The webinar is presented as part of  the BioPharma Asia Magazine webinar series.

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