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Kaiser Raman Pilot-E Probe

Offering simplified, reduced cost installation in the process environment

The Kaiser Raman Pilot-E probe is a rugged, process insertion probe with no sample handling system. Its single cable design streamlines installation, eliminates risk scenarios, and minimizes installation cost for long fiber runs in the process environment. The Pilot-E probe utilizes a hybrid electro/optical fiber cable assembly to carry the analytical signal and the safety interlock in a single easy-to-install cable.

The Pilot-E probe is ideally suited for use in chemical plants and refineries to measure batch or continuous flow production. It is also highly effective for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities for glass-lined reactors as part of a Quality-by-Design (QbD) solution using Process Analytical Technology (PAT) analyzers. For direct measurements in cryogenic fluids, an optimized cryogenic version of the Pilot-E probe is available.

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  • Constructed to individual site requirements
  • Sealed probe design
  • Integrated “laser on” indicator
  • One in/one out fiber optics
  • Direct insertion compatibility
  • Meets Category 1 pressure equipment safety standards
  • Suitable for hazardous area/classified environments

Field of Application

  • Chemical: reaction monitoring, blending, feed and final product monitoring
  • Polymer: polymerization reaction monitoring, polymer blending
  • Pharmaceutical: API reaction monitoring, crystallization, polymorph, drug substance production unit operation
  • Oil & Gas: fuel blending, fuel characterization

Features and Specifications

Measuring principle

Laser wavelength
532 nm, 785 nm, 1000 nm

Spectral coverage
150-4350 cm-1 (532 nm)
150-3425 cm-1 (785 nm),
200-2400 cm-1 (1000 nm)

Maximum laser power into probe
<499 mW

Sample Interface
316L stainless steel: –30° to 120°C
C276 Alloy: –30° to 150°C
Grade 2 Titanium: –30° to 150°C

Flange: up to 305 diameter, ANSI B 16.5 or DIN

Cryogenic compatible version available upon request

Relative humidity
Up to 95%, non-condensing

316L stainless steel: Up to 370 psi
C276 Alloy: up to 650 psi
Grade 2 Titanium: up to 150 psi

Wetted materials
Metal: C276 Alloy, 316L stainless steel, or Grade 2 Titanium

Window: High-purity sapphire

Fiber optic cable
Design: PVC jacketed, proprietary construction
Connections: proprietary electro-optic
Temperature: –40 to 80°C
Length: 5000 mm (16.4 feet) standard, custom lengths available
Minimum bend radius: 152.4 mm (6 inches)

Immersible length (mm)
Up to 4600 (up to 350 for Grade 2 Titanium)

Immersible diameter (mm)
25 or 60 (25 only for Grade 2 Titanium)

Hazardous area certifications
ATEX, North American, IECEx

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Application Notes:

bIO-PRO KS 785 Installed Lab with operator


2020 Pharma Innovation Award

Our Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO, KS bioprocessing probe was recently selected as a 2020 Pharma Innovation Award winner by Pharma Manufacturing Magazine!

The Kaiser Raman bIO-PRO, KS probe provides fast, accurate measurement of key bioprocess variables from lab-to-process. It is an exciting advancement in our already well-established Kaiser Raman bioprocess product portfolio.

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Two employee with proper PPE and stainless steel Bio Reactor_resized


Advanced bioprocess control

Learn how Kaiser Raman technology helped Nicro eliminate time-consuming offline sampling in favor of real-time monitoring of critical parameters in fermentation processes.

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2021 Coblentz Society William Wright award recipient, Dr. Ian Lewis


2021 Williams-Wright Award

Dr. Ian R. Lewis, Director of Marketing at Kaiser Optical Systems, has been named the 2021 Williams-Wright Award recipient by The Coblentz Society for his significant contributions to vibrational spectroscopy. The award was presented during the 2021 Pittcon Conference & Expo.

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